Freak, Geek, Goddess; Tales of Survival from Trust Fund High (Book #1)

Everyone told me high school would be some of the best years of my life.

They were wrong.

No one mentioned my best friend could morph into a social climbing backstabber.

No one said dating could nearly kill me.

And no one told me I could lose myself and find myself in a single moment.

Of course, no one could possibly have known I would be knocked unconscious by a rogue football on my first day, or that my first two months of high school can basically be summed up by:

Number of times I publicly puked: 3

Number of times I kissed a senior: 2

Number of times I committed naked burglary: 1 (but that was an accident)

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Katelyn’s Secret Summer (Trust Fund High #2)

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Sienna; Glorified Brown (Trust Fund High #3)

The Walls We Build, Coming 2019


Introvert Alana can’t believe she’s dating someone like Josh Hayward. Everybody knows Josh, everybody likes Josh, and unlike Alana, everybody sees Josh. Alana, on the other hand, has spent the last three years of high school haunting the halls like a ghost.

When she agrees to go away for the weekend with Josh’s family, all she wants to do is make the perfect impression. After all, a boy like Josh could only come from the perfect family.

But when they arrive at his grandmother’s cabin, Alana finds Josh’s family isn’t anything like she expected. Wild and boisterous, Alana fears her shy ways will never fit in with a family like his.

When her nerves cause her body to betray her with gastrointestinal problems of epic proportions, Alana is sure she is doomed to mortification and her relationship with Josh will be over. That is, until two unlikely allies – an old woman and a little boy in a tutu – cause Alana to examine the beauty of being yourself, no matter what people say.

Will Alana cling to her shell and stay the quiet shadow she has always been, or will she finally be able to embrace who she is and learn to dance to the music only she can hear?

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When I traveled to Florida for my best friend’s 24th birthday, I had visions of college debauchery and beaches. What I didn’t expect was CT scans and stool samples. But that’s what happens when someone you love has cancer. You don’t make the plans; cancer does.

At 24 I was invincible. I didn’t have time for death. Death was something so far off; an abstract concept to be considered later.

But that’s what death does. It shakes us loose of our comfort, it causes us to pause, to re-evaluate, to question and to examine. It strips away the chaos of daily life and leaves us naked, facing our own frailty.

But the more we come to terms with death and accept our mortality, the better prepared we are to live life. To accept death is to grasp freedom.

A man who has learned how to die has unlearned how to be a slave. -Montaigne-

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